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Oil, gouache, pencil, and thread on canvas. 2017

Redacted is a series of ten paintings in various sizes with painted pieces of canvas hand stitched onto larger stretched canvases; in their pointed obfuscation they serve as a kind of analysis, a way of reframing information as a component secondary to the aesthetic of the work itself.  At first glance, the images appear to be skyscapes composed loosely in shades of black and white, interrupted by patches of hand-stitched, or hand-drawn, color. Conceptually though, the series is also intended to explore the human instinct to overlook and remove information that doesn’t fit one’s personal narrative while playing with the issue of censorship.

Redacted key hole and swear words
jamie zimchek redacted social security number
Zimchek redacted Japanese blue.jpg
redacted dark blue.jpg
Zimchek Redacted aliens.jpg
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