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   MFA in Visual Art, Vermont College of Fine Arts, Vermont, US, 2024
   MA Mediterranean Studies, King’s College London, UK, 1999
   BA History, Newbold College, UK, 1998


   Juniper Sculpture Park, Plattsburgh, NY. Let's Take it Outside. 2024

   Lore Degenstein Gallery, Selinsgrove, PA, How Shall We Then Live? 2024

   Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, Mostly True Stories, 2023
   The Ark, VCFA, Montpelier, Vt, Under the Bed, 2023
   The Ark, VCFA, Montpelier, Vt, Mockapolypse Now, 2022
   VCFA Virtual Exhibit, Death by Many Pinpricks, 2022
   Ama Vida, St. Andrews, Fl, Redacted, 2020-22
   Cultural Arts Alliance of Walton County, Billboard Project, We Are All Made of Stars, 2020-21
   Anne Hunter Galleries, Seaside, FL, Redacted, 2020
   Newbill Collection, Seaside, FL, 2017-2020
   Anthropologie, Miramar, Fl, Afterthoughts, 2019
   Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Atlanta, GA, Maritime Strokes, 2018
   Seaside Institute, Seaside, FL, featured Seaside Prize artist, Narrative Abstracts, (solo) 2017
   Gallery 5, Richmond, VA, Roots, 2011
   Baron and Ellin Gordon Art Galleries, Norfolk, VA, 2009
   Smithsonian Photo of the Day, Smithsonian, 2005
   Kew Greenhouse Cafe, London, UK, Grey Areas, 2002


   Lecturer,  Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Florida State University, 2020 and 2023

   The Magic of the Memoir. 2020, 2023

   Mentor, PCB Life publication at Florida State University, 2021-22
   Adjunct lecturer, Newbold College/Andrews University, Berkshire, UK. Ethnicity, Nationalism,      
   and Conflict: Europe 1848-1998; Economic History of Industrialized Nations; US Foreign Policy since 1939;       Western Civilizations and Ideas, Ancient-1500; Western Civilizations and Ideas, 1500-Present; Faith and         Faction in the Court of Henry VIII; Religion and Violence in 16th-Century Europe. 2002, 2004
   Adjunct lecturer, Walla Walla University, Western Civilizations and Ideas I, II, III; US Foreign
   Policy and Conspiracy in the Modern Middle East. 2000-2001


    Editor, SoWal Life, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 2023-present

    Editor, PCB Life, Panama City Beach, FL, 2020-present
    Writer, Go-Utah/Earthdiver LLC, 2005-2010
    Writer / Photographer, Valley Times, Walla Walla, WA, 2001
    Writer, Freelance contributor:   Runner’s World, Relaxation, Collegiate Quarterly, Ex-Berliner, Fayetteville        Observer,  Valley Times, Milton-Freewater Times, What’s Up, News-Guard, Northwest Public Radio                  (collab), The Pilot, News-Times, Howard Hotels

    Profile, “Painting Outside the Lines,” The Thirty-A Review, May/June 2023


    Profile,  “Jamie Zimchek,  Beyond the Seascapes,” PCB Life, Nov. 2020


    Profile, “Art and our Community,” Seaside Style, May 2017

    Interview, “Art and the New Urbanism II: A Conversation with Artist Jamie Zimchek,” The Thirty-A Review,        March/April 2017

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