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Approximately 12" x 9" each; series of 24,.

Plastic shower curtain, thread, textiles, reflective tape, chain, faux fur. 2022

Containment Strategies is a project that steps beyond the personal to something much more public. The idea is that some fears we can’t ever completely get rid of, so we have to learn how to manage and contain them. I was thinking about this in my personal life, but then started asking friends and family what haunted their sleepless nights. One friend told me she was afraid of her depression coming back, another about the hole in her heart that had already caused one stroke, another about how overwhelmed she felt constantly, and another was worried about drive-by shootings in supermarket parking lots.  Using thread as my pencil, I started to translate these images into fabric and stitch them into small plastic pouches. These fears aren’t gone by any stretch - you can still see them - but given a physical form and contained in all that plastic they lose some of their power.

Jamie Zimchek Containment Strategies Dep
Jamie Zimchek Containment Strategies Str
jamie zimchek containment strategies bad
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