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Site-specific series, each image approximately 3.5" x 2.1"

Polaroid photographs, thread, textiles, paper, paint.  2024

Recent research suggests that individuals who rewrite their personal narratives to frame self as hero report happier life outcomes. The way one views self informs the contexts in which one also understands Other, sometimes in the form of carefully crafted semi-truths, often pure illusion. Structuring Self is a pseudo-autobiographical series of polaroid photographs re-envisioned as images a step away from the real, a consideration of the distortions and imaginary self that provides the daily scaffolding for being, only tenuously connected to observable reality. Exhibited in ill-fitting frames, the size disparity emphasizes the intimacy of the small image while referencing more traditional framed photos often used to memorialize important moments and shape individual storylines. 

zimchek structuring self 4_edited_edited
zimchek structuring self leg_edited_edit
zimchek structuring self mesh_edited_edi
zimchek structuring self face_edited_edi
zimchek structureing self 2_edited_edite
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